This is good news in a less-than-good situation. I am starting to grow cataracts. They are in the early stages, of course - way too early for surgery. The left eye is unaffected to date, but the right eye has reached the point in the last couple of years that it can only be corrected to 20/40 since everything is just a bit fuzzy in that eye. It's like looking through wax paper. Not a problem for the most part.

However, my right eye was my focusing eye! So, I've switched to the left eye and that is working for cameras and even the grain focuser in the darkroom. But, it has gotten to the point that using a loupe on a light table for negatives just wasn't working. The right eye was fuzzy, of course, and the left eye is just too far sighted, even with glasses, and I couldn't focus. My loupe is not adjustable.

Solution: my Optivisor:

I've had this for decades - don't even remember what I originally bought it for (probably not photography). Mine came with the 2.5x lens, and that seems to work the best right now. I had purchased a 1.75x and 3.5X lens along the way, but the middle one is still the best overall. Most of my work is 120. The stronger one works for 35mm, but won't "cover" 120 negatives and it's too much trouble to switch the lenses out for that little bit of gain between formats. If I was doing something requiring really close up work, it would be worth it.

Anyway, this is something to bear in mind if you are getting to the same point.