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It only keeps progressing. I got so I couldn't focus my camera. Finally had the lens implants, and could see better than when I was a kid (always had bad eyes). Of course you don't do it until it's really needed, but boy, is it good.
My Wife got the new focusing implants this Spring, and really loves them. When the time comes, think about that.
I ended up giving my father an auto focus camera instead with an eyepiece magnifier as he also has cataracts in his focusing eye. He is going for the removal and implant surgery within the next few months. But is having a hard time deciding on the standard monofocal lens or the newer multifocal option. The doctor said the newer option can be done but some patients don't adjust well. I've done a bit of research and much of it points out that with the multifocals most things are not sharp at any distance. If you dont mind sharing what option did you and your wife end up choosing?