Hi everyone,

I have a terrible a dilemma and I dare to ask for your help. I have a Beseler 67XLD enlarger in like-new condition that I bought a year ago. I used it a lot, but it always bugged me that it seemed slightly misaligned. Well, these days I made myself a laser-alignment tool (took me three days of hard work to make it truly vertical to the base - with an accuracy of 6mm at 2.5 meters, better than Versalab Parallel). Today I proceeded checking my enlarger with my new toy. As I expected, it was out of alignment. The problem is that I simply could not get it aligned, after many, many frustrating hours. The Beseler design leaves a lot to be desired from this point of view. I made some slight progress, but far from perfect.

After so many hours of hard labor, I started asking myself whether it would be a good investment to buy another enlarger. It seems like the only reasonable solution for a new enlarger is the Kaiser System V series. I oscillate between 7005 and 9005. My question is: are you familiar with these enlargers? How would you rate them compared to Beseler? Are they hard to align? Do they have any particular issues?

Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,