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maybe it's just me, but after a while, if the image is not what I want, i quit fiddling with it and just go shoot something else. For what you are seeking, I think that is your best option. Try a hot beach on a hot bright sunny day ...

That's another option. But I believe there is a potential, quite a bit of it, in this image. I can almost see it, except it's still stuck in back of my head behind all the clutter. All I'm trying to do is to find out what I am seeing and not seeing, and put that on paper. I got good advise here. Darken the sky and lighten the foreground. Also leave the sky out. I'm going to experiment with this.

By the way, this image was taken in Mexico and I live in Florida. I'd love to go back there and reshoot. But I can't. Also, this is part of a series (a personal project) I am working on. Not just any beach will do.