Hello. I want to get into RFs. My experience is with 35mm (Canon EOS3) and LF (Sinar F2) cameras. I like to do portraits and street photography/documentary style stuff. So what would you recommend that I get? I really don't know what these cameras cost. I know Leicas tend to be expensive. I also know they're not the only ones who make RFs, but they are the most popular. So, let's use three categories to base the recommendations.
  1. Low: something inexpensive to experiment and see if I like the format (under $100).
  2. Medium: now that I am interested, let's try something better (around $100-$200).
  3. High: I'm hooked (have at it ...)!
Whatever recommendation, for any category, should be a good, durable camera. A good bang for the buck, so to speak.

Thanks. I look forward to read your recommendations.