I have gotten much good information from all of you. Im in the position to upgrade from my Eastman 2D (great starter) to a new 8x10 field camera. I already have lens and film holders, and looking to spend no more then about 5k. Im open to any material. I will be doing some portrait work, but mostly work in the field during travel, so would prefer something sturdy. Size and weight is not much of an issue since I have a 5th wheel with a darkroom set up to carry it. My eye is drawn towards the Deardorff, and Ebony, but im open for suggestion. Please don't bash me, but I prefer that my camera is not made in some communist country such as China. I like the Chamonix, but its out. Something with the option for film and glass plate would be great since I shoot a lot of calotype images. Itís great to have that glass holding the paper down. I would love any of your thoughts.