Hello there,
recently signed up. My name is Jos Lek, and I live in Oegstgeest, a village near Leiden in The Netherlands. Difficult to pronounce, even for Dutch folks!
I started photography when I was about 12 years of age, now 40 years ago!
The camera's I use at the moment are Rolleiflex-T / Rolleicord III / Nikon F2 / Leica M2+M5.
I recently became the owner of a Rollei SL66 with several lenses.
The 6x6 format appeals to me very much, so I hope to start using the SL66 soon, having seen some nice results on this forum.
My favorite subjects are landscapes and architecture. At the moment I shoot B&W and color, but my intention is to go for B&W, and start developing film myself.
Up to now I haven't found the time for developing, although I have all the stuff needed sitting in a cupboard.
Hope to learn from your experience, and get inspiration from your posted pics.

Regards, Jos.