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If you want to encounter expense, try printing your own digital prints on a high quality digital inkjet printer.

It is also best not to price things out based on $/image, unless you are doing something high volume like school photos or catalogue shots.

Four rolls of 645 negatives or slides would generally give me lots to work with - in the day, that would be at least half of a wedding that I was shooting as the "official" professional photographer.

By the way, I think "Ethics and Philosophy" would be a good forum for this.
That's a good point. I spent a LOT of money on Canon ink back in the US when I printed my digital images. I totally forgot about that. I love a print and so print waaay more than most people. An image isnt real until I have it in my hand.

Sorry that I missed the Ethics and Philosophy forum. I never even saw that one before!!!

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