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Ratty, that's cheap. $40 for 96 images, so 42 cents a shot. You know what I like on a really productive weekend? 25 rolls of 120 film. At $6 to $10 per roll, and then processing on top of that. Yeah, that's for color, and I know that I could do it at home. But I like sending the color out, and developing the B&W at home. When I go bicycling through the neighborhood alleys, I go through at least three or four rolls.

Sure, put savings plans into effect for your children. Bring them up to be intelligent, creative, and curious. But keep running the film. Down the road, when your kids are in college, you'll have lots of stuff to print. That will be 100+ memories per week. And if you don't do that, then where will those memories be?

Your choice.
I dont think I could shoot so much film at the prices you pay! That is an enormous sum of money!