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I donít often have these, but last night I dreamt I was clearing out a darkroom cupboard and I came across a bottle of liquid wrapped in a dark bag. I started carrying it down a road and I could hear the liquid sloshing about which made me thirsty, so I opened the bag, unscrewed the top and drank some. At the same time I remembered it was Potassium Dichromate. I spat it out immediately, but the horror of such an act woke me from my nightmare.
Do others ever dream such things?
You should have stayed asleep and seen what "developed" in the dream. Since the chemical is part of the gum bichromate process, the dream could have gone into an alternate-process dream reality.

The only photographic dreams I've had have been walking and bicycling along with my Super Graphic, with the setting sun creating a beautiful setting around me. Quite relaxing.