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Taking the shot, regardless of medium, is most important.

Digital is not without its costs. When I switched to film I could pay for, as I remember, about 12,000 film shots a year for what I was paying for digital hardware and software. I don't shoot anywhere near 12,000 shots a year.

Use film, have fun, take pictures of the kids, give them to your wife.

If I could switch to film exclusively, that would easily cover the costs that I pick up buying/processing film. The problem is, I just cant do that yet, or have not found a way. One of my prime shooting times is when it is dark, out on the street. I routinely use ISO3200 and f/2 or f/1.4 lenses in the digital world. My GA645 certainly does not have ISO3200, nor does it have an F2 lens. I can't shoot outside at night with this camera, without radically changing my habits.

So I often grab my digital gear if I know I'm going to be out late at night shooting. GAS in the digital world is difficult. And in the film too. GAS can be a big problem for me.