In the next year or so, I'm going to take a long, hard look at what I want to be doing with photography and juggle equipment accordingly. I'm sticking to 6x6cm and large format. 5x7 is my favorite, but the issue is that it seems to be less popular than the 4x5. It's also harder to find an enlarger to work with it, and the contact prints are still pretty small. I'm thinking of going 8x10 with a 4x5 reducing back: I'll shoot 4x5 and enlarge in the leaner times and 8x10 when I want a really awesome contact print. I actually wanted your camera, a 2D. Heh. Weird, huh?

If I was going to buy new and had virtually limitless funds, I'd likely get a Canham Traditional. I like the look better than the all-metal cameras. With my budget, though, I'll likely end up with the 2D I wanted in the first place.