I get almost all my photo needs mail order from B&H, Freestyle, Calumet, and even Maco from Germany. Better selection and lower prices. I stock up at all of them several times a year. I live in a medium size town in the USA and there are at least 2 small mom and pop photo stores that have been around for decades within a few miles that sell Tri-X 135 by the brick and other films in smaller quantities. They charge about $1.50 more per roll than the mail order places but I don't mind keeping a local business going that can always sell me a bunch of TX right away when I need some right this second. One of these stores even keeps a decent supply of Kodak and Ilford chemistry and paper, always in stock whenever I come in. Prices are higher but not out of line and sometimes actually less because I don't have to pay shipping for something that weighs a ton like a 5 litre jug of Ilford rapid fix. They just got a whole shelf in of new jugs. Somebody besides me must be buying all this stuff, as the rest of the store is entirely digital. So I send some of my business their way. It might cost me a few extra bucks now, but I am looking at the future. Do you want to be at the mercy of mail order for every last thing?