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I'm envious of your proximity to both the Surf Coast and the Otways.

If I lived in, say, Pt Lonsdale, I doubt that I'd venture to Noojee over the Otways.

I wonder whether there would be the same numbers of knobs down there?

Anyway, looking forward to the CW outing. I just checked the tides for the 24th, and the low tide is at 1416hrs and high at 2119hrs. Not perfect, but better than the other way around.

I've attached a screenshot of TPE's predictions for the 24th, showing the sunset to be almost directly in line with The Pinnacles. Interesting!

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Erm, why would you want to live in Point Lonsdale? Sleepy hollow and bloody cold most of the time (I was down there last week to photograph the sunset on sandstone, but it peetered out on me and I returned home a little crestfallen...).
Safer to venture into the Otways! The Noojee rainforest is a remnant wet rainforest among tall regrowth forest (Noojee district has twice been razed by wildfire, in 1926 and 1939; several unusual species of ferns at Toorongo Sanctuary; much of what we see is untouched regrowth with some isolated old stands of timber close to the river). The other parts to find rainforest in those parts are around the Ada Tree and further toward Warburton. Even Woods Point has a rainforest if you look carefully.

There are hoons in the Otways: I've witnessed them en masse at Johanna Beach (New Year period), Beech Forest, Aire River (near Hopetoun Falls) and Forrest — the new brewery there attracts them like flies.

That is a strange prediction for sunset on 24th. What a treat, if the weather Gods are noyce to us. I'm after the rise of the Belt of Venus until is engorged with blue and pink (eastward, opposite the direction of the setting sun), which might be around 8.45pm by guesstimate. So there is some compass work to be carried out down there to ascertain the best position and viewpoint for this.

Isn't the granite at Pinnacles pinkish? If it is, I imagine the afterglow would send me slightly off my rocker Can't wait! But lots of little places to go in the meantime, one of which is 'my baby': Upper Sabine Falls, next Sunday, via Sabine Grand Circuit. THE place to get down and dirty.