I appreciate everyone's posts.

Yes, the TTL Exposure Meter described in the EC Manual is the meter I am referring to. The EC camera body also uses a battery inserted in the bottom of the body. That battery is required to operate the EC's shutter.

I now have acquired two of these meters, but they have slightly different designs. The older of the two (serial #TL114xx) has a "gray plastic" insert in the side of the meter where the battery cover is located above the "on/off" switch. It takes one 3 volt battery (Duracell DL1/3NB) or two 1.5 volt batteries (LR44 or AG18 1.5 volt batteries). This older version EC TTL Exposure Meter does NOT have a view window on the top of the left side of the meter "on/off". The newer version EC TTL Exposure Meter (serial # TL127xx) does not have a "gray plastic" insert in the meter's battery chamber so that it will accept two 3 volt batteries or four 1.5 volt batteries. There is also a "view window" on the top of the left side of the meter which shows at a glance whether or not the meter is "on."
Matt, thanks for your suggestion.

I used one 3 volt meter with a metal spring to make the contact and compared the reading against my Pentax Zone VI meter and confirmed it was accurate. I don't believe this means the "newer" EC TTL light meter wouldn't work properly with 6 volts, but until I can confirm it was made for 6 volts of batteries, I am not going to risk it.

As Wiltw wrote, "I found a photo of that meter finder, and it does show what seems to be a battery cover...I would assume that Bronica chose to use the same battery as used in the body, 4SR44 type 6V" The newer EC light meter may in fact use the 6 volt 4SR44 type battery to make it consistent with the one used in the EC body. I am going to try and check with Frank Marshman and Jimmy Koh to get their expert insight. I will keep everyone posted.

It is amazing Bronica made 2 similar EC light meters, did not advertising them very much nor produced any documentation that is readily available to describe them, developed 4 different 75mm lens, developed a great system which has lens that range from a prototype 30mm one of a kind lens through 1200mm lens, and makes a wonderful "clunk" when the camera is fired.