There was a thread in the last couple of months on cheap 6x9 folders. In the cheap range, the Mockba's are hard to beat if you can find a good one. Places like work well.

Personally, with that sort of money, I would have bought David Goldfarb's Bessa-II--before it went to eBay! A Bessa or another older folder might have what you need.

David had an excellent point when he described why he was selling the Bessa. The camera takes better images than his alternate camera--on a tripod. But, he wanted the folder for walking around, where the advantages were lower.

With that example: what do you see yourself doing with the camera? Walking around? Then a folder is a good buy. If you are doing more tripod work, how about a mini-speed graphic? You get to change lenses, and there are some really good ones there.

Other options--Mamiya press or Koni-Omega.