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Jacob, I understand that your money supply is tight at the moment, but I still advise you to give Fuji Provia 400X a shot (or 36). It is ISO 400 and can be pushed to ISO 1600 without problems. It is the only slide film I would recommend for evenings or night scenes.

Note that candle lighting looks very romantic to the human eye (which does a lot of in-brain color temp correction) but rarely looks good on slide film as is. I highly recommend you use fill flash to both tame the contrast (night scenes are generally very high in contrast) and to get somewhat normal colors.

Use the flash at -1 or -2 stop flash exposure compensation and make sure the non-flash exposure is correct to get good mood. With ISO1600 you should still have plenty of background in your image.
+4 was Provia 400X. Extending the first wash time (which continues development in lower values, but the solvent is too weak to continue to raise the white clipping level) lowers contrast back down.

He can't use fill flash on motion picture.. he'd need a continuous lighting setup which would be annoying, esp at night.

For future reference, I would try running the first wash longer than 2 minutes in a stills test roll if you can get some (100D being E100VS iirc, or better yet, a fresh 400ft ro0ll of 100D in 35mm and bulk roll that into stills for testing), I might make a test of that in the future for pushing and post the results if I get time.

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I seem to recall that a 2 stop push needs a dilute CD as well as extending the FD time. I have never tried it myself. This note was from an old Kodak Dataguide.
That'd likely to counteract colour shift. By shifting it the other way.