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90 is a pain with on my IV. No way would I want a 65 on it.
Tim's comment reminded me of one of the other issues I had using my 75mm lens with the Tech IV. The rise mechanism on my IV used a knob, which on a short focal length lens is inside the "box" of the rear standard when focused anywhere near infinity. To do a rise, first I needed to rack it forward enough to access the knob, raise it up by the amount I thought I needed, focus to check the composition, then repeat as required.

My Tech V has a lever arm with a ratchet mechanism for rise, eliminating that effort of racking the lens in and out to access the rise knob. Before I got the Tech V, and still had my Tech IV, I purchased and used a Linhof Color Kardan with a Technika adapter board as an alternate solution for wide angle lenses.