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Here is a thought.

Back when our kids were growing up, I took film pix because that was all there was, and I still have them to treasure. But, consider the possibility that there was digital back then. I had an Apple ][ computer and an Apple ///. If I had transferred the pix to these computers, there is no way that I could have read them today. In fact, the disks themselves have started to deteriorate.

Project this into the future. You are paying up front for an archive of your family. This is priceless.

I have photos that go back about 100 years and that show my family over that time period, even if in some cases, I have no idea who is in the picture. It is great though to look back through them. And also easier than booting a computer and searching for a photo in a file of photos.

So, I think that analog is well worth the price.

And, of course, if you can do it yourself, it is about 1/2 the cost.

Film has many other benefits, including the fun of doing it yourself, adjusting the image yourself instead of with a magic piece of software, and also knowing how good you can get with the latitude of both B&W and color film.

Now, go and enjoy China and explain to your wife that the photos of your kids will still be there when you are my age.


This is 110% truth