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I'm not sure if I read you right. The take away lesson I get from your post is, digital is good enough, at least when it comes to family/precious moment shots.


You completely misread what I was talking about. I was using the child as a metaphor for your use of film. Sure, shooting film has some challenges, just as raising a child does. But you don't think about trading in your child because they MIGHT need to see the orthodontist at age fourteen. You are having existential worries about a possible hypothetical future, and allowing that to cloud your enjoyment of what you're doing. You should view your photography the way you view your children - it's an investment that pays you back in ways you can never account for with money.

IF for some strange reason I were to wake up tomorrow and be told that all film production had ceased, and all photo chemistry were now no longer available, I would persist with digital photography, and enjoy it for the benefits it does bring. But until then, I'll persist with film as my first love in photography, and work with it. Sure, it's not CHEAP, not as cheap as it used to be, but then everything has gone up in price too. A roll of film (and processing) is cheaper than a movie ticket, and the images mean more to me. It also gets me out of the house, walking around and exercising while I'm looking for images. Which is definitely something I need more of. I could go on and on, but I hope you get the idea.