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My wife had been after me to make her a walking stick for a year or so. This spring, while removing some small trees on the property, I recalled her request. Since she usually carries my tripod, thought I should accommodate her. We recently returned from a trip to the U.P. where we did do some more difficult hiking along the Sturgeon River. Not terribly bad, but rough surfaces, low rock outcroppings that doubled as steps along the trail and of course, they were uneven. Anyway, we found our selves "sharing" her walking stick in some of the more difficult places. I decided to make myself one since the 4x5 kit (backpack) on level ground is not much of a problem even at its 25 or so pounds, but when having to climb up or down, the stick would be handy for balance. Here are my first two attempts. I never thought of the mono pod idea, might steal that one. I put rubber tips on ours, it seemed more practical for the use we will get out of them.
Very nice, and you're more than welcome to use the idea!