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Another vote for the Canham. I have been shooting with the Canham Traditional 810 for six years now since my hands couldn't work the round knobs on my Wisner Tech Field any longer. The Canham is a magnificent camera. Plenty of movements, easy to use and fold, and easy to maintain with a few hex wrenches. Less bellows draw, but then how often does one need to go 4x life size? I've just gotten a 5x7 with 45 only back as the combined camera/holders/tripod weight of 810 has gotten to be a bit much for me in the field, and I want to use the view camera outside more. I'll keep going with the 810 from time to time, and indoors/studio. I couldn't decide between the Wisner and the Canham when I replaced my rickety old B&J 810, wish I'd gone right for the Canham today.

Keith is also part of the reason I recommend Canhams - he is a wonderful guy who really cares about what he does and goes the extra mile with us users. He's got my 810 in for a CLA right now. After a long life and a stupid mistake I'd messed up the front focus rod. Repair was no big deal, parts are there. But he saw something wrong with it that I hadn't noticed and fixed that also. Every time I've called we've had a nice chat about the camera and more.
The idea of that kind of personal service for repair work is actually very big for me. Thanks for the info on the Canham, I will have to look them up.