Hi everyone,

When hunting for photo antiques I found a Kodak Hawkeye model B with still a 120 film in it !
It is a very old roll of Agfa Isopan ISS (black and white film).

I tried to get a consensus over what I read on the net about guidelines for development of such an old film.
Not very easy. So i finished by processing it 10 min in HC-110 dilution B (1+31), rotating processing in Jobo.

I think that only a few frame was exposed a long time ago, and only one was surviving. The film base was cribbled by pinholes, but the first image is still clearly here :

I am very happy to see this !

If ever someone recognizes somebody, please let me know ! I think this photograph was taken probably in the 1950's or earlier, the toddler is probably a grandfather now !