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First, thanks all of you for this info.

Second, I am looking for a landscape camera to use on a tripod. Rarely will it be handheld.
Something like the Bessa might be good for you. Or, you could try a non-couple rangefinder type folder and save some money.

Do you want to be able to change lenses? One thing about the old folders is that they typically have a fixed lens in the "normal" range (about 105mm for 6x9). May not be what you want for landscape work.

Do you want to change backs? A folder leaves you limited to one film at a time. Of course, with some of the older folders, you could have a few of them for the cost of the Fuji.

Take a look a the 2x3 graflex cameras. You could get a setup with multiple good lenses and backs for $1000 or less.

Or, for the price of the Fuji, you could get a starter Linhoff 2x3 camera setup and add lenses and backs later.