Let's face it. Photography is not an inexpensive hobby. Not only is there an initial cost, there's ongoing purchase of supplies and equipment.

Any serious hobby will cost good money and photography isn't the only one. One could easily spend just as much doing a lot of other things, and sometimes quite a bit more. I stopped considering the monetary cost of hobbies in absolute terms years ago. What I think now is, am I getting the enjoyment out of the expense I incur? If the answer is yes, then I happily spend the money. If not, cut back or discontinue altogether. I'd rather enjoy what I make and enjoy my leisure pursuit.

As to film being expensive, I really don't think so.

Film equipment is so cheap now that one can get a top pro level gear for nothing or close to nothing. Have you ever seen the cost of the latest digital gear, including bodies, printers, paper, and let's not forget ink cartridges? It's amazingly expensive. I got pro level bodies for film and backup and backup of backup.... for less than $600.... try doing THAT with pro level digital gear.... Also my "printer" (enlarger) was $40.... and I got a backup, and backup of a backup.... Let's try that with Epson..... Film, paper, chems... yeah, it costs money but so as inkjet paper and ink.

I'm sure this is highly dependent upon individuals but I tend to shoot less frames with film but I end up with more images I like.

Just to put things in prospective on my view on film, I use film because I like the result I get. I don't even care if film is technically superior in absolute technical sense. I like the organic look. I've now settled into B&W with film and color with digital pattern. I shoot mostly B&W and process it myself.