I just received an Omega D2 enlarger from somebody who wanted to get rid of it. It has two Zeiss lenses plus a short lens cone, a 4-1/2 inch condenser and a 120 (6x6) aperture plate.

I already have an Omega DII enlarger in my darkroom but it only has a Wollensak lens plus a tall lens cone, a 6 inch condenser and a 4x5 aperture plate.

I also have a couple of flat lens boards and an old Ilex (?) lens that isn't marked with a focal length.

My other enlarger is a Beseler 23-C that has two EL-Nikkor lenses (40mm & 80mm) plus a 35mm & 120 aperture plates.

I have been thinking about combining parts from the two Omegas to make one good one that does everything.
The condensers are interchangeable and the lenses easily go between but the DII has the color lamphouse with the filter slot where the D2 doesn't. On the other hand, the D2 has a rack-and-pinion height adjustment where the DII is a lift-and-lock design.

I'm sure I can combine the lamphouse from one and the column from the other to make one "Franken-larger" but I just want to be sure before I go tearing everything apart.

Second, can I mount the EL-Nikkor lenses in the flat lens plates and use them in the Omega as well?

If I can combine everything together, it would be nice to have one enlarger that can do all my formats from 35mm, 120 and 4x5.

I suppose I'd also need to find a condenser and an aperture plate in order to use 35mm film. Right?

It is my understanding that, overall, the Omega is a better enlarger than the Beseler 23-C. Correct?

Do you think it is feasible to make one "Franken-larger" that does everything?