Your defense of the OM10 is gallant and almost brought a tear to my eye, as a long time fanboy of OM. Now don't hate me but I am one of those folks that has been burned a bit by a few OM10 purchases. My friends know I obsess about having the perfect 'beach camera ' - something with great optics but simple and not expensive, so when the grit works its way into the lens I will not weep. I have my old om2/50 1.4 from the eighties and it was killing me to have it come back gritty. It was not really the reverence to it being a single digit OM but more that it was my old friend. So I bought my first OM10 and it had a funky light meter. I bought a second and its light meter seems to be always accurate but it often does not display what the setting is. In my mythical beach example I worry about over exposing with the lens nice and wide. Usually some combination of turning it off and one, putting it in self timer mode, or jumping up and down while spinning in circles will sometimes do the trick, but not always.

This is my only issue I have with them. I think their display - which was fancier than that if the OM2 - does not age well. Otherwise it is a great camera.

All you OM10s out there: I am trying to love you! I am trying to not be some stuck up single digit OM fanboy! But please, I wanna properly exposed photo (and know what the exposure is)!!