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The more I have thought about your mono pod arrangement, the more I like it. I rarely use, or have had a need for one, but when those times arose, it was "darn, wish I had one with me," built into the walking stick it always would be.

By chance, could you detail the arrangement for the stud and more importantly, the screw-on cap?
No problem at all Bob, After sizing the length of the stick, and keeping the cut off for the cap, I simply drilled a hole the size of the shaft of a 1/4-20 grade 5 bolt. Then I used the bolt to cut its' own threads into the wood. After the threads were cut, I removed the bolt, and cut the bolt head off on a band saw, to make the stud. This is a good time to mark the hole you will need in the cap. I cut a pencil the same depth as the hole, with a bit of the point sticking out, I was able to put the cap in place, and mark where I would need to drill.

I then double checked the length of the installed stud, so as not to puncture the body within the tripod socket, then applied a very thin layer of 5 minute epoxy in the hole, double nutted the stud, and re-installed it. I covered the camera platform with contact cement, then a thin layer of leather for the camera to seat against.

I used the mating surface of the piece I cut off the stick to make the cap. The cap was made by drilling a hole (deep enough to accept the stud) just smaller in diameter than a 1/4-20 nut, and pressing the nut into the wood using a table vise. Before seating the nut, I used another very thin coat of epoxy to help hold the nut in place. All that remained was to do the shaping on a disc sander, and apply the finish.