No, as has been mentioned, most eye doctors consider the risks of the surgery to be enough to not do the surgery until the situation is bad enough. Anecdotally, most people say afterward that they wish they had done it sooner. However, these are not the very few who had things go wrong. Fortunately, it is very, very few. The point is, cataract surgery is surgery, and one does not do it without due consideration of all factors, including potential risks. Just having 20/40 vision in one eye and having to use the other eye for focusing cameras is not enough. I have had a retinal tear in one eye and a detachment in the other. Both were repaired totally. But, I'm still not looking forward to the next time a surgeon takes a needle, scalpel, or even a laser to one of my eyeballs.

And seriously, guys, I just wanted to suggest using a visor if one has a similar problem. Discussions of insurance and national health care issues is an unwanted, unintended consequence; and quite frankly, is soap box stuff.. Give it a rest.