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One of my prime shooting times is when it is dark, out on the street. I routinely use ISO3200 and f/2 or f/1.4 lenses in the digital world. My GA645 certainly does not have ISO3200, nor does it have an F2 lens. I can't shoot outside at night with this camera, without radically changing my habits.
Sure it has ISO 3200; Tri-X can be pushed there with nice results, especially in medium format, and Delta 3200 is intended for the job. I guess you're stuck with f/4 with that camera, but 3200 at f/4 doesn't seem prohibitive for a lot of nighttime street shooting. I can't speak to Shanghai in any serious way (I assume you're not doing your street shooting on the Bund, where there should be enough light for anything), but I've done some nighttime handheld street shooting in various cities including Xi'an at comparable exposure values.

That's a nifty-looking camera. I'd never known much about the Fuji 645 cameras and you inspired me to go look up the GA645, and now I've got GAS. Thanks a lot. :-)