"Better" is a relative term. I had a Beseler 23-C, then "upgraded" to the Omega D2 because I thought I was going into 4x5. I ended up not going into 4x5 (at least, not for very long), but I did keep the D2. There are certain characteristics that I like (like the negative carrier not moving around), and I liked the fact that I have more leeway with 6x9 negatives.

I eventually moved up to a D2V. That has a condenser head where you can move a smaller condenser into 3 different shelves, depending on the negative that you're working with. And there is a long bellows where the lens goes, so you don't need a lens cone for each format. But I still enjoyed using the D2.

Good luck,

-- Mark

An important question is this: do you have both the lens cone and the condenser for both 35 and 6x6? You'll probably need both. And I'm sure what an "aperture plate" is.