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For the purposes of their photography contest, they have, in effect, declared analog to be not photography. Now do you get it?

they said in this contest from nikon digital that will not take anything but digital submissions.

i am not sure how nikon digital having a photo contest and saying they don't want chemical based submissions
has anything to do with anything, or is like an assault as most here suggest it is ...

is APUG not wanting digital capture images in the gallery an assault on digital photography ?
i am sure some would say: YES, and keep them coming !
i just see it beyond the scope of APUG, just as analog submissions are beyond the scope of this particular contest ...

and i am sure if folks here were that super-motivated to submit to this particular nikon digital contest ( rather than the usual digital v analog rant )
they would find a way to digitize their analog image, change the levels in PS to "look right" and submit it ...