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I like the 'get F3' bit but don't understand the concept of 'get rid of FA' !!

+1. While not a hoarder by any stretch, I have never been able to force myself - with the exception of an F4s, that took two attempts to find a new owner - to "get rid" of any of my Nikons (presently 12 in number). Why not? 1). The F6 (a recent purchase) is likely Nikon's last "pro" 35mm; 2). Good or better condition used bodies are growing harder to find (listings on ebay seem to be either "mint" (with extortionate price tags to match) or "users," (many of which look suspect); 3). I have found - and it just may be a personal quirk here - that I have come to prefer certain bodies (hence I keep specific cameras for specific purposes) for certain films (i.e. F6 and F5 for shooting chromes, and F3 and F2s for b&w); and 4). In other areas of my life, I have found that soon after selling something - thinking it was no longer needed...