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I've been looking at too many beautiful wooden cameras online If anyone has a lovingly restored, great condition Kodak 2D (with tripod block and extension rail) and would sell it for a fair price (and yes, some of the Ebay prices seem rather inflated) please reach out. Or if you have something similar in a 4x5 or 5x7 wooden camera that folds up nicely. The camera would be actively used (along with my monorail camera) and would not sit on a shelf. Thanks for taking the time to read this!
I'm curious as to why you want to acquire a 2D vs another model. I have both a 5x7 2D project camera and a very sweet whole-plate Eastman #2 (lighter wood than the 2D - D is for "dark" - but otherwise identical I think). I've migrated towards the whole-plate format but still, that #2 is a fairly bulky beast.

Have you considered a wooden field camera like a Rochester Carleton, Deardorff, or Wisner, etc.? The latter two will cost more than a 2D but the ROC and 'dorff are much more lightweight/portable and I think, prettier.

Another one to consider is an Agfa Commercial View with a built-in sliding extension rail. You could probably find a nice example around the price you'd pay for a 2D. I think the Agfa is a workhorse but easier to lug around compared to the 2D.

Personally, I'd go for a 5x7. They are considerably smaller than an 8x10, but not much bigger than most 4x5s. And you can always get a reducing back for them if you desire the smaller format. My 5x7 Deardorff Special has been my go to camera for years.