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Just for future reference, it's been months of trials and tribulations with this problem and finally over the past two months I've consistently been producing spotless negatives. The problem before was that I was using TOO MUCH photo-flo. My process now is to add just 4-6 drops of photo-flo into distilled water. Agitate very little. Lift the reel out, tilt at a 45 degree angle and let the water drip off. Then after clipped on the line squeegee off water between fingers twice. Then clip bottom of film with a clothespin and bingo!
This was my last update, but now I have even more news. While all the above is still true I was still getting an occasional streak on a roll every once in a while. I now no longer get any streaks on Ilford 120 films. The key is that now when I add 5 drops of photo-flo to the distilled water I swirl it around with a finger to mix it up. I truly believe that this, along with just using too much photo-flo is what my problem was.

I've only perfected this with Ilford films. I love Tri-x but I gets streaks almost all the time even using this method. I'm going to slowly up the drops of photo-flo I add and see if that helps. Will keep you all updated!