Cheaper 6x9 folder with CRF: Telka III (model a or b), 95mm lens, so a little wider than the 'standard' 105mm - good quality French folder, IMO an undervalued 6x9 CRF. I think the lens is coated.

Other cheaper 6x9 CRF folders: Clarovid with nice Rodenstock lens, Welta Weltur aka Welta Solida. Jürgen Kreckel knows them too, and knows their weak points: the rangefinder mechanism is fragile. Balda Superpontura, very rarely seen, though, I'd say it should be put on the red list. Another obscure one: Teleroy by the French company Royer - comparable to the Super Ikontas.

Affordable sixties 6x9 SLR, which you can use handheld or on a tripod: Optika IIa aka Rittreck SP or plain Rittreck. Has tiny lensboards so you can use several lenses. The standard 105 mm luminon is very good, in my opinion. The 210 and other sized are hard to find. Disadvantage: camera can't take shorter lens lengths because of the mirror. But then, so can't a folder. $200 should get you a basic outfit, but most of the time you need to work on the focal plain shutter. Another advantage - camera takes film backs that allows shooting in formats between 6x4.5 to 6x9.

Less affordable sixties 6x9 SLR: Makiflex. Normally quite expensive,although last week one went on eBay for roughly 250 EUR, so can be had at bargain prices. Sort of the same thing as the Rittreck, but made by Plaubel. Possibly heavier.

I suppose the Graflex 1A with its near 6x12 negs is a little too old for your needs. Also, this camera needs to be slightly modified, as it was built for 620 film size. Came with several lenses, we have one with a Ross Xpress, which we fancy.

Personally, I also like the Linhof 220 for its sharp lens & easy of use - providing the light meter still works - but it's not a landscape type camera. And it's not 6x9... so maybe we should count this one out. I use mine handheld for landscapes and it is a bit awkward to use this camera tilted sideways, so I end up shooting landscapes in portrait fashion...

Last note: one of the most beautiful old 6x9 folders I ever touched was a Voigtländer Prominent I - great rangefinder construction and never before have I seen such a surprisingly bright and clear image through such a small window. Allover design is absolutely gorgeous. Of course, in my league this is not an 'affordable' 6x9 folder with a starting price of $1000 for a working model.

Hope this helps,