29 Oct 2012

My cards will get mailed tomorrow. Hope you like the image I selected for my cards.

I have received the following so far...

The actor depicted in the card from rst has got to be either "nuts" or a very skilled soccer player. Either way it is a great image.
I like the juxtaposition of old and new in the photo from piu58. The perspective that you used is quite effective in making Leibnitz look as large as the building.
The card form MattKing is really "cool". It took me a minute to see what I was looking at. Very well done
The color prints from ozphoto and anikin were welcome surprises. The disjointed reflection is a good illusion to the contrasts hat you saw in Berlin. The "Chiluly Bridge" reminds me of the "Chiluly Ceiling" from the exhibit at the de Young several years ago.
I really like the sense of curiosity conveyed by the photo form afrank.
The card from Pete Schrager "Parking $3 all day" is a really great deal in any large city. Grab it!
Three photos from Mike Wilde. All nice, but the time lapse photo is my favorite of the three.

All for now. I look forward to more in the coming weeks.