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Wait Dan Bayer is on here? I love Dan he's awesome! We met at Dwayne's when Kodachrome was shutting down. I also have never seen him shoot digital, I think I remember reading he had like a leica or fuji RF digital, didn't know he had a Nikon, he pretty much shoots film as far as I know, but I've seen him work, he certainly uses his equipment, wish I could afford to work as hard as he does!

As far as the contest, I agree it's unfair of them to disclude film, perhaps they didn't want to have to deal with vetting a film image and decided it was time to just go digital only for cost and ease reasons? Plus they want to support their current product, it's been what, 10 years since a pro film camera from Canon or Nikon? They are just being business forward, why supports a medium they don't support, I don't like it, but it's the reality, it's just like how the painters reacted when photography was new, portrait painters freaked out and chastised film portraits claiming it wasn't real art etc.
Whuzzup Stone?!

In a word, the painters had it easier than we do, we live in a bigger world that has the invasion of intrepid thinking called the Internet...2012 has been a bad, bad year for both film and the film user, Nikon's BS move is not helping....