Hi all,
Hi iixbyx!

I feel that much of what you say is misinformed so I’m responding to your request to clear up some ambiguous facts. pointlightworkshops was, is, and has always been a separate entity and has always been registered to my name. We changed name upon our move since there was no longer an association and informed people of the change on the website. The “misleading addition” of ‘workshops’ to the name you mention in your ‘rant’ is not misleading at all. It simply states what we did there. It was not possible anymore so we moved.

Some other posts here are correct in their limited detail, and in support to what you say: “folks interested can find out themselves”, I welcome the idea. I’m happy to speak to you in person (or anyone else) to explain what you missed in your 'rant'. We are not a small community, we are a vibrant group of minds that enjoy what we do immensely – that thing is photography. At Think Negative we help each other, we let ourselves be known, we share and show our work, and we commit to using film. We embrace each other’s ideas and creativity and we look forward to supporting and further nurturing Australian talent. It really is that simple.

Perhaps you should swing by the studio sometime, I’d be happy to meet you, bring some film and we can process it too – if you photograph that is. It sounds like you ‘know’ more than what you spin. Stop wasting your time on the internet - go buy yourself some film and take that 8x10 out where it counts! Or, in the meantime you can get off this website and search the relevant ABN’s and ‘finer’ details of the things you just can’t seem to figure out. Not sure what email address you sent your message to but please do feel free to contact me at enrico@thinknegative.com.au

Keep an eye out for our summer workshop and exhibition program: Our website is www.thinknegative.com.au
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To everyone else, stay well and thanks!

Enrico Scotece