Before getting rid of the FA you might want to check out the shutter sound of the F3, the metering of the FA is much more advanced not always better just more advanced. The FA has a higher Flash sync speed and is a lot lighter. If you like the AE of the FA you might wanna try out a Nikkormat EL2 or a Nikon FE FE2 all three are smaller and lighter than the F3. If you prefer a manly shutter sound get an Nikon F best Nikon there is imho.

I wouldn't get rid of the FA it is a great camera, the F3 is another great camera but the earlier F and the F4 are often cheaper. The Viewfinder of the F with photomic FTN is very clean and simply superb so is the viewfinder of the F2AS.
If you are a sound person try out all the cameras mentioned in this thread and get the one you feel most comfortable with both sound and handling.