Hi All,

This is my first post here in this really nice forum. I'm shooting film for about 4 month. I'm a happy owner of a nice OM2n camera, and I really like it. I learned about photography much more during this small period than with my DSLR in years before!

I've also realized the drawbacks as well. The first big drawback for me is scanning which is a pain. The second big drawback that I want more and more equipment.

To be honest I'd like to have more than one camera bodies for different types of films. One for Color-slide, one for fast B/W and one for slow B/W.

I'd like to have a second body with spot metering abilities. Here it is my issue: I find my logical choice the OM3/4 family too expensive (although they are very attractive cameras). For me Canon EF mount is also an alternative, but I don't know too much about these cameras. I'm looking for a cheap one (less than 100 euros/dollars) with spot metering abilities, if there are any. What's your experience, is it possible?

My last secret wish is a portable medium format camera. It's a completely unknown territory for me. Any ideas with these constrains (spot metering, reasonable size and price (max 2-300 euros))?