I'm taking a 35mm film class at a local community college. I wanted to see if I'd like darkroom work, and I do. So I'm beginning to put together equipment for a bathroom darkroom. The largest camera format I currently have is 6x7 but I want to get a 4x5 enlarger to grow into. I'm contemplating the Omega 4500-II LPL Dichroic. The one I'm looking at doesn't come with lenses or carriers. I'd initially want to set up for 35mm and 6x7. It has the mixing chamber/multiplier for both formats. I'll be working with B&W film for the foreseeable future.

Does anyone have a pdf of the manual for this enlarger? I can't find one online.

I've only worked with tray type filters at this point. I know nothing about the 4500-II's filtration system. The specs say: 0-200 Yellow, 0-200 Cyan and 0-170 Magenta. Will this replicate #00 through #5 tray filters?

As for carriers, is glass worth the extra expense?

What quality lens brands would you recommend for this enlarger? I'm not sure what size hole the lens boards have for this enlarger.

What is the top price point you'd pay for this enlarger?