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The F6 is a atom sized fraction of their product income…who buys a F6 to “try” film or to start using film again? Most will buy a used film camera for 100$ before. The bulk of their income is digital, they can discontinue the F6 tomorrow without even seeing a dent on their income…I don’t even need to verify this.
Sadly it's true, they still sell the Canon EOS 1V brand new as well, but I'm sure it's more back stock than new production. Wish they would make an updated program for their EXIF data downloader (canon records shooting data up to 300 rolls at a time i believe, and imprints a number in the beginning of the roll so you can match canister to image data, and you can download it). I keep an old laptop with windows 95 just to download it... Sad but true...


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