i feel like a real slacker... i've picked my image and have gotten no further!!!!

i have rec'd...

the "river elbe" from piu 58 - enjoying the view sitting on the shore, but want to get in the kayak and go 'round the bend!

"downtown parking lot" from peter schrager - a throwback!

"bridge of glass" from eugene anikin - a collage of color - and very nice wandering in.

"sweet child of mine" from afrank" - well captured, nice portrait, tells you something and raises a question!

from rudiger, a different view of "montmartre" - defintiely in keeping with the character of the place!

and from mike wilde always pushing himself technically and creatively "birds at blue water bridge", "after a dip..." , and "time lapse test - lomography". rumor has it, mike has never shot a normal picture - either unknown paper, developer, non-standard camera, strange process - always interesting and done well. (i think i just started the rumor...)

thanks all!!!! i appreciate all the creativity and hard work!