You will struggle to find a MF camera with built-in spotmeter. Most of them are intended to be used with a handheld meter, although metered prisms are usually available.

I just use the beeCam LightMeter app on my phone with my Bronica ETR, it's an incident meter and seems accurate enough for negative film providing you work within its limitations (eg metering from an area with the same light levels as the subject).

€200-€300 should bag you a Bronica ETRS or ETRSi with 75mm lens, waist level finder and 120 film back. If you're lucky you'll have some money left over to spend on another lens or more film backs. The interchangeable backs are brilliant as you can just swap between them in seconds according to the situation - I tend to keep one loaded with Ilford HP5, one with FP4 and one with either Pan F or Delta 3200 depending on mood. One thing - if you buy one with a prism viewfinder (or decide that you don't get on with the waist level finder) then you will probably want the speed grip, as I find it almost impossible to hold the camera firmly without the grip if a prism finder is fitted. The waist level finder is fine without as you hold the camera lower and can therefore get a better grip.