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Fender is an another US company who cant compete with digital. When you buy a cheap chinese electric guitar and connect to digital processor , it turns to over saturated photoshop picture but all hipsters like it especially that death metal people.

When Fender sees the light , they offered a computer based software processor which plays all the Fender Legendary Amp sounds one by one.

If Kodak lives another 5 years , I would expect from them a software which simulates all their portfolio with noise, color and what the hell details. May be they can sell a license to Photoshop to put it in their software.

I tried many of these simulators and they were faraway successful than my scans.

Pretty sure Dan Bayer and I talked about this in 2010, why they haven't come out with an in camera profile for all film to mimic its characteristics, probably has to do with company competition, but with the popularity of things like instagram, being able to switch from the Kodachrome profile to the pan F plus profile would surely benefit even traditional film guys, it would make their transition a little smoother (that is if it were even possible, it's really hard to mimic Kodachrome or Technical Pan when it comes to grain/pixel but in the near future perhaps we'll see that, I know it can be done in Photoshop to a degree, but I feel like its somehow a little more authentic coming out of the camera. Like when I shoot B&W in digital I set the camera to Monochrome, just feels like cheating if I are it B&W after I get home... Lol

Anyway I may not own a digital camera anymore, so far the hurricane sandy disaster has left my 5D "dead in the water" literally...


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