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Whoa! I had no idea! Thanks! I allowed my mixed batch of Rodinal to sit for a week before using it again. I guess I'm lucky I got any images at all!

I'm going to ditch the accordion bottle, and I'm going to start mixing up batches of developer for each tank of film. This should give me the most consistent results possible.

Should I be careful about how I store my Rodinal too? I was told that it's a good idea to put glass marbles in the bottle of Rodinal so that it's not exposed to so much air?
The accordion bottle has nothing to do with it, I use them for my fix/stop and they work well. Glass marbles are good and bad things - Rodinal will naturally turn more brown with age and it is amazing how dark it gets before it stops working (mine looks like weak coffee and works wonderfully). As long as the bottle it comes in is sealed properly, I don't think you have to worry about the minute amount of air in the bottle making a difference. The most consistent results I get are from pouring water into my mixing container, letting the water sit for 2-3 hours and then adding Rodinal and stirring briefly a couple of minutes before adding to the film for developing. (My brother works at a water plant and explained to me they inject air into the water in order to lower the density of the water and have it move more freely through the pipes; letting it sit for a couple of hours allows the air to dissipate.)

I am not a big fan of glass marbles (over stainless steel ball bearings) since I had a marble break once and some glass shards scratched the film to pieces - I didn't know the marble was broken until later. Alternatively, use an accordion bottle which is easier.