I've got too many cameras. Last year I loaded this camera with a fresh roll of Rollei IR film, and it has been sitting on the shelf ever since. A shame, since this camera takes absolutely superb photos. Ever since I got it a few years ago, I ran maybe 5 or 6 rolls through it. Every single roll produced at least 2 of my most favorite photos, and couple of my best ever portraits.

The camera comes with wonderful 105 and 65mm lenses. They are not pretty cosmetically, but optically superb. I will also include 180mm lens (not in the picture). However, I'm not sure the 180 is for this camera. It fits with a great difficulty and the shutter wind coupler does not operate the lens. You have to wind the shutter manually. I think it was probably designed for C3 or earlier. Anyway, take it as a freebie.

The camera is in great operational condition. The outer bellows have a couple of pinholes at the corners, but the inner bellows are light tight with no light leaks.

$380 for the set shipped in Continental USA.

By the way, the Rollei film is still in the camera. I have not taken a single shot with it. Considering it's a rainy season in Oregon, there is little chance I'll be able to use it. Consider it another freebie.