As of the last couple months, my favorite 6x9 folder is my Voigtlander Rollfilmkamera. This one has a 10.5 cm f/4.5 Skopar, waist level and wire frame finders, and a pull-out, rather than self-erecting front standard. I've been tweaking it along, and it now routinely produces the best images of any camera I own, including my Spotmatic and Moskva-5 -- the only real competition is my Tessar-equipped Zeiss-Ikon Ideal plate camera, with twice the negative area (9x12 cm).

The Rollfilmkamera is fairly hard to find, but the Inos I is essentially the same camera with the addition of 6x4.5 dual format capability (though I'd be amazed to find one with the format mask, given they were made from 1931-1933). The Inos II is also very similar -- the focusing mechanism is changed, IIRC, but the rest is essentially like a Bessa I without the rangefinder. No "right handed" vs. "left handed" here -- the only shutter release on the Rollfilmkamera is on the shutter, but that lends itself well to use of the waist level finder, which in turn lets me cradle the camera and routinely get steady hand holds down to 1/25 (I have trouble hand holding my Moskva-5 at 1/100).

I'm attaching a scan of about a 24x36 mm section of a negative from my Rollfilmkamera -- focused near minimum, about 4 feet, hand held at f/8 and 1/25. Very, very hard to argue with that kind of performance from a camera that should sell, in "needs CLA" condition, for under $50.