The IIIC was my first 35mm, my aunts gave it to me for high school graduation in 1966. Still have mine, meter still works, optics were very good for the time. After moving to SLR the next year I found that the swithing from a Pentex and Konica T to the III took a little getting us, film winder on the bottom, setting the expousre using the interlocking EV scale takes a moment to remember what to and the steps, same for rewinding and loading film. The viewfinder is good. I have both the 35mm and 85 lens, but have not used them in decades, just a wast time, very slow and heavy. What I do like about the IIIC, other than an emotional attachment, is that it folds up and fits in my 4X5 bag. If you want a folder the IIIC is ok, but if just want an odd rangfinder look at at the IIIS.